SHOE NUMBER 3 -THE MUSTARD leather CONVERSE- Bought in Camden Market, just because I wanted to feel the experience of retail euphoria for just a few glimpsing minutes. I know I know, it is superficial and unreal, but there  you go. They are a good few years old -bought for  under £20 -possibly because mustard was just not doing it for the trenoids at that time. I am partial to a bit of mustard and  these are a good, well worn grubby pair of trainers which again seem to be lasting for ever, and have seen me through some good and some bad  times. Not great for standing up in all day, or pounding pavements for any considerable amount of time, but what a colour!



These were a shockingly expensive pair of shoes as far as shoes go in my cut price, bargain basement world, and they were neither. I am also thinking that the whole barefoot philosophy is a bit ’emporer’s new clothes’ for me . I mean it might be nice to wear a pair of shoes that make you feel like you are barefoot on some beach ( except they would get wet) or on same grassy field except again you would get wet. But have you ever tried going barefoot on concrete, with a full rucksack ….It don’t work. REALLY SORE FEET!. I went back to the shop  more than once and put my predicatment to the people in the shop. 4 mm of memory foam and a flat sole  between me and the pavement just ain’t cutting it…REALLY SORE FEET.

SO THE PEOPLE IN THE SHOP SAID I WAS WALKING WRONG Not heel toe as i had been taught from birth – but slap the whole foot down on the floor at the same time….REALLY!   ‘Oh my god -shouted the young child! look , the emperor is wearing a pair of flatties with no support…’ ha ha ha ha ha   but they are soooo environmentally friendly …ha ha ha …SO I wear these for short periods of time . As most of my life my feet is in contact with pavements these are really not the shoe for me.

SONG OF THE DAY 64million people cannot be wrong!

AND IF YOU STILL THINK YOU HAVE NO TIME FOR THE DELICIOUS GAGA  scroll down and watch the ‘live version’. She is amazing!