So after my post yesterday about bad hair.. My Friend Dennis Plaxton took 2 years to make this short film as it meant taking a picture of all his facial hair growing…everyday…the results! Well see for yourself!
and we have not even began to talk about Chris Rock’s really interesting film of the same name ‘bad hair’ which puts the caucasian hair dilemma into it’s true context when you see what society has done to the image  women’s afro hair-well worth a view.

This is a quote below ‘Rock has been slapped with the $5 million lawsuit by director Regina Kimbell, who accuses the star of ripping off her 2005 documentary Nappy Roots.Kimbell claims that she showed her film – which won the Pan African Film Festival’s best documentary award in 2007 – to Rock that same year.Kimbell’s film “takes an unparalleled look at how black hair is used as a prism through which to look at cultural, societal and political issues in the African-American community over time“,

But back to Mr Plaxton’s marvellous short film…give it 5 mins!