Shoe Number 5,6,7 and 8 – The Vans Collection

So from left to right. The Black ones with the white and red stripe. Now these get worn a lot! Comfortable…Good with black,the little flash of colour keeps it a bit funky. Can stand for extended periods in them. Brown ones, are a more bulky skatey boardy type -ha ha ha ha  -me on a skate board! They are the oldest pair and have seen some wear during my brown periods. The next pair are still so new they have only been out a couple of timess and are a little on the big side…agina I don’t know what happened there…so its big socks…but a fine selection of red and browns there. The last pair in my all time favourite maroon…oh my -this is really the dullest most boring blog ever…I am boring myself…I am about to eat my own arms off. My shoes and the story of their reason for being is really so insignificant I may have to go and scream in the street.. A quick interlude. An

Egyptian and Mr P. sharing an intimate moment in the British Museum.  So now I just need to try and divert your attention to the total dullness of the experience of my annoyingly sensible shoes before I continue on with the next pair as I am determined now I said I would start to finish. Sigh!

Blogging is such a strange phenomena…I mean what and why did I ever decide that doing a blog every day was going to be a rewarding experience for me or anything else. I suppose my first thought was the commitment and discipline of doing something every day, but now I am thinking maybe I would have been better off practising the guitar every day as I am not sure my writing skills will ever get better from this experience. my spelling and grammar are just appalling and I am forever correcting and re-writing , even this small amount I do every day.  I wonder if there are many dyslexic ‘writers’? I would love to know what their secrets are. So have you forgotten about the shoes? …nearly? well sorry because here comes pair number 9!


I like these shoes. Ecco are very comfortable, but I have a major gripe with ecco shoes- the ladies ones all look rather middle -aged and a bit thin and pointy- the shape at the toe bugs me. What is it about designers and pointy shoes. Just because I am a woman does not mean I want POINTY SHOES. Mr P. has the Male version of these shoes in brown and his are not pointy. I have all the things a woman needs, I don’t see why I should have to have my shoes made slightly more pointy so they are ‘more feminine’ I WANT ROUND TOED SHOES.   WHAT IS WRONG WITH UNISEX SHOES? OR UNISEX CLOTHES? That is why I like Vans as they don’t …well  not much, do that annoying ‘we better make them look a bit feminine, quick- make them more pointy’. Which brings me to another thing while I am having a mini-rant.WHY SHOULD MEN AND WOMEN HAVE COATS AND JACKETS THAT DO UP THE OPPOSITE WAYS? And how come its fine for me to wear a man’s coat but men go mad if they have a coat or a jacket that does up the wrong way? Why should what I wear have to be ruled by my gender? Well I don’t, but I would like some round toed suede shoes please.

SONG OF THE DAY -Nu Shooz I can’t wait

THIS WAS A BIT OF A FAVE IN THE 80’S not sure if it was just cos i likes the name of the band and the intro.