The People’s Chandelier

SO here it is…the People’s Chandelier.. it is here just outside Sheffield …where you can lose your hat on the bus and you will get it back…in a special house that is a hotel/conference centre The snow came down  and all  looked completely amazing, so in between contact improvisation , singing, movement awareness I padded round the grounds. Wow! What can I say. The grounds looked stunning and I am so pleased to finally be able to say I am the proud owner of such a lovely chandelier. I am happy to announce that stripy socks and sandals with shoes  are de rigeur (just this weekend)  Also I can embrace the opportunity to hang out with people who wear socks and sandals at the same time. In fact, to be in a place where people feel comfortable enough to wear socks and sandals simultaneously and know that their dignity will remain intact is a miracle.


You may not be a fan of this band but I sung this song acoustically the other month at our acoustic evening and it is really a fine song.

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