I love the South Bank at night and on the very rare occasion I manage to get to go to see anything I often think I would have been better getting a take-away tea in a paper cup and just wandering down the river as the view is so spectacular, and the vibe so buzzy.

Between you and me I never fancied it, but my dear friend suggested it and possibly because my week has been fairly stress free, I found the play ‘Season Greeting’ at the National Theatre mildly amusing. I laughed three times during the first half ( that’s an hour and a half long) and was not even narked by the fact the audience were laughing and the most throwaway lines that were really not funny..example ‘I am so drunk, I can’t find the kitchen’…side splitting – I think not…Well it is not inoffensive, except to hold a mirror up to a dysfunctional, fairly average type of suburban life but unlikely to make anyone do  or feel anything deep. But then who needs deep..I am a huge fan of the hilarious which this was sadly not. I can’t imagine anyone coming out of the theatre being transformed or transported -its a bit ‘not with a bang but a titter’ material…and a bit of a waste of some magnificent talent. So many people make do with a safe ‘comfortable titter’ or a ‘good tune’ which is fine I suppose. Harmony and gut wrenching passion  and guffawing  are sadly missed by many.

But – my oh my!

there is the most amazing set of photos that are up until thursday of landscapes so vivd you have to go up and touch them to check the grass is not real. wow!



Has to be Waterloo Sunset..just in keeping with the theme.