Sooooo…presenting the other half of the long standing duo what is me and Mickey. We have been playing , singing and writing songs together for um…about 25 years…Seem to have conveniently mislaid any photos of us in the 80’s when there was an awful lot of crimping and hair dying going on.

Sometimes massive periods of studio work  with seventeen million backing vocals and as many instrumental tracks and then lots of acoustic stuff, and only in the last three months have i finally got me guitar out, so a renaissance of cover versions being played at What!-An Acoustic Evening.


Walking on a Tightrope -is a prime example of a slightly early 90’s track with just a tad too much going on in it. I wrote the lyrics about a work collegue I had, who was a  big something good came out of it…there is a nice break down half way, through so well worth listening to at least half of it before you start eating your arms off.  Have a Good Day

walking on a tightrope