It’s World Environmental Day and in the UK , organised by the Eden Project it is The Big Lunch,  I am not sure if it is too late, but you might be able to click on the site and find out where the nearest big lunch is happening to you and wizz down there with a pot of hummous and meet some of your neighbours. In many places in the world, people do know their neighbours, and probably have lunch with them all the time. In our metroplis style living that does not always seem to happen. First we all all so ‘busy busy” even we are not,  we have so little personal space, we often just want to go home and have a bit of quiet time at the end of the day. I think I might make the effort today to join a local big lunch…will keep you posted.


Fragile – by Sting

I love this song soooooo much. I am  relieved about the video which I have never seen before. Thank you for simplicity. I did a vocal arrangement of this a long time ago and still find out different choirs are singing it, which make me very proud. I first heard this song during  a GCSE music listening exam blasting through speakers in a  in a school hall in the days when  I taught 500 London teenagers a week  music. Today, I love Sting and take back all I said about his fashion misgivings  and middle eights during my post on 3rd june.

On 3rd June 2006, the union of Serbia and Montenegro came to an end with  Montenegro’s  formal declaration of independence. This meant, most importantly that each country had it’s own entrant to the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest…and guess who won? Serbia…..The first non-English song in 10 years. You see! If they had stuck together, if Monty had not pulled out of their union, this may never have happened! Like so  many times in life, when someone chucks you, lets you go, tells you “I need my independence”  “I need to go it alone” something great comes out of it. Let that be a lesson to you all. Long live independence! Jonny, are you beggin for mercy yet?

SONG OF THE DAY- Sting – If You Love Someone Set Them Free

Sadly, just for me, I  think the middle 8 is not to the standard of the  mighty fine verse and chorus . The lyrics are sensible, a fine idea, setting free the people you love them…if you have imprisoned them in the first place…definately. I agree! Here here!  Sting is a thing…I  sort of  like what he does, but also find him hugely irritatingly and don’t think  I would like him even though he is probably distantly related to Mr P.  A bit of  Graham really….and sandals and leggins!…you’re stylist should be shot/ forgiven…as I am assuming we are in the 80’s in this video? Enjoy!

SO here it is…the People’s Chandelier.. it is here just outside Sheffield …where you can lose your hat on the bus and you will get it back…in a special house that is a hotel/conference centre The snow came down  and all  looked completely amazing, so in between contact improvisation , singing, movement awareness I padded round the grounds. Wow! What can I say. The grounds looked stunning and I am so pleased to finally be able to say I am the proud owner of such a lovely chandelier. I am happy to announce that stripy socks and sandals with shoes  are de rigeur (just this weekend)  Also I can embrace the opportunity to hang out with people who wear socks and sandals at the same time. In fact, to be in a place where people feel comfortable enough to wear socks and sandals simultaneously and know that their dignity will remain intact is a miracle.


You may not be a fan of this band but I sung this song acoustically the other month at our acoustic evening and it is really a fine song.