Oh deep shame. Their ideals were wonderful – and they were real ideals that they put  into practice.

To get on a train at any time, and always pay the same fare, around £44 return. Brilliant! So now if I want to step on a train with no notice  at 8am  in the morning , a SINGLE from London to Shrewsbury is £118,  and that is not even direct. The Wrexham and Shropshire had lovely  wide old seats that did not make you feel like a sheep

in a lorry pen (possibly why they are called Pendolinos?).

The loveliest staff. I for one think  it is a deep shame and another sign of the crumblingness that is the end of the civilized world as we know it. I hear things that amaze me everyday. So  much is being cut from education funding  that a huge swathe of us are now so uneducated that modern technology is just a complete waste of time, as are books and poetry and art. The World Service is being cut, 650 jobs going for the saving of a quarter of a Jackson Pollock painting…crazy world…people starving…massive proportions of the food we produce just goes in the bin.  Woops…started on a mini rant there, when  I was supposed to be wishing the Wrexham and Shropshire  a peaceful demise and I for one will miss their courage and independent spirit in this cut throat world.


PROUD – dedicated to the railway workers everywhere(even Virgin) I would be no-where with out you (apart from here) I know it is ‘con lacto’ cheesy, and  am not a big fan of the tense soft palette, rolled back tongue  vocal sound of dearest Heather Small, but I have heard 2000 kids sing  from Camden this at the Albert Hall, full voice with fire in their hearts and it was  uplifting. Great sentiment .