It is a lovely summers evening. A Monday evening. About 8.30pm on the heart of the City of London, a beautiful City.  I look. I see litter, piled up – any surface that will surfice is a place where litter is. Almost all of it from people’s take away suppers and drinks. Monday night and the City looks like everyone has been having a take-away party on their way home. We don’t have many bins  in the centre of our city,  just in case someone puts a bomb in them…many people assume if there is no bin, permission is granted to not give a flying ferk. Someone else’s problem.  In a hurry, don’t care…oh there’s a pile of debris…if other people can do it…so can I…….someone else will clear it up….boooo hisssss.

 People are politely asked to take their litter home with them, but it really does not seem to be working. Like the old ‘driving while using a mobile phone’, there is a fine for dropping or discarding litter, but no-one seems to bother.  So we live with the mess until the fairies come and clear it all up in the middle of the night  before the new day starts. Someone else will clear up…… …….Someone else’s problem…It makes me sad.

SONG OF THE DAY-  Stupid Girl -Garbage

Great link huh? Good song too. All about Garbage ( the band)