Here is a little snippet of a practice I had at a school yesterday with a  fairly newly formed singing group, singing the first verse of a song called Janie Mama. The kids are 4-10 years old. I think my life stays on an even keel if I have  singing groups that covers all age groups. At the moment my youngest singer is 4 and my oldest is 81 ( still a bit young for my liking -I once had a choral director in one of my groups who was 96). My singing group for the  over 50’s which boo hoo hoo has run out of funding, so I did my last session this week. I would run  it for nothing but the room is £60 an hour to hire. 

I have been teetering through the week with a mild chest infection, just feeling rough enough that I really only want to lie on the sofa and watch day-time tv ( the ultimate test to how well you are feeling) I have still managed to run  4  long singing sessions and ‘admined’ my way out of danger. I have 2 concerts to direct at the weekend and a very very long day today so send my some healing vibes please. x x x  Tskkk I have nothing to feel bad about by the way. It is all good.

SONG OF THE DAY – Last Thing on my Mind -Tom Paxton

My Parents used to sing this together in two part harmony with guitars when I was really little. So I know all the words. Having heard it recently  I  still love the song and saw Tom Paxton sing it on a Radio 3 folk awards programme. This is a lovely video from 1966. Voice and guitar live on the BBC….