george costanzaok ok it’s got 6 syllables and I can’t count, or spell. And I only recently heard it said any differently, when I watched a lot of Seinfield re-runs and characters kept saying this wierd 5 syllable word  DIS-OR-I-EN-TED. I know it’s one of those ‘you say tamayto, I say tomahtow’ things, but it just seems a little crazy that a whole syllable  got lost on the boat between here and the other side of the Atlantique. I cannot find anything on the net that clears up this irritating mess of a conundrum that drives me a little insane every time I hear it. Can anyone help me?

SONG OF THE DAY – Rosie Vela-Magic Smile

Rosie Vela recorded this album with the help of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen 25 years ago. it was more popular in the UK than its home. She never released another which seems a great shame. It was an amazing bunch of songs, and from all accounts remarkable demos  even before they got the ‘DAN’ treatment. She was a model too….She stills sings backing vocals.