We went to a wonderful music festival last weekend and I sadly still have the chest infection to show for it.

I am thinking my lungs were not really  helped by the very lovely  Mr Fire Starter who made the most marvellous bonfire I have every seen and  then preceded to soak it in so much accellorant that when the exceedingly finely crafted bonfire  was lit, it turned into a pile of 3ft charred embers in about 10 minutes.  But  for that 10 minutes, the heat was so intense that birds fell from the sky, sheep melted in the neighbouring fields and our silhouettes branded themselves into the marquee canvas as we ran for cover. Mr P.the Landscaper reckons no plant will grow on the site for about 4000 years…..And the smoke! Wow! So much for singing round the campfire..we were so far away from each other, sitting in the circle… it was more like campfire shouting…ha ha ha. The fire started to die down a bit and Mr Fire Starter threw another massive piece of furniture on it- I am sure it was  a  Chippendale.

20ft to 4ft in 10 minutes

I attempted to lead one  camp fire song with my guitar but had to stay on my feet- ducking the  massive wafts of smoke as they billowed towards  me every time I opened my mouth for a breath. The grass was  gone…completely black or vanished for about a  30ft bunker…like a large  alien flying-saucer had arrived from space…poor old sheep..they ‘aint gonna enjoy the rest of their grazing this year, unless they like baaaaah-becued soil.

The topic was hot…and boy it was….sizzling!

SONG OF THE DAY Cold as Ice -Foreigner

Can you see what I did there? ha ha. Some very nice vocals at the end, and for some sad reason I seem to know all the words to this. Ah well. We sometimes have no control over what we like as we often just love what we like and like what we know.(Genesis..the band not the biblical book) I will be more of a rebel soon.