This is post 201 of my postaday2011 , which means there are still 164 days of the year to go…as my blogger mate Dark Vador so aptly put it ‘flippin’ek’ that still a lot of posts to go…will we make it? How many people have dropped by the hyperspace wayside screaming for mercy,”no more posts… no more!”. Or perhaps they just forgot, ran out of steam, lost interest…got something much more exciting to do.

The thing is I still find this an exciting thing to do. I love the challenge, the routine, and I am so not into routine, and the fact that this time is just about me me me me. I have a fantastic job, but it is a ‘people’ job,  so it is a good balance for me to spend some time gazing at my own naval, being a complete anorak, being in my own space.

So what’s with all the numbers?..well it is 42 years TO THE DAY when Neil Armstrong walked the walk and talked the talk on the surface of the moon….

I have completed 201 one 2011 postadays and there are 164 left..I have already forgotten what the 20 is there for…oh will come back to me.

Today is more planning for a 7 day extravaganza of teaching/directing/ singing at the Guildhall Pop and Rock Summer School, need to get it all done today so must stop slacking!

SONG OF THE DAY 1 Giant Leap-My Culture

Walking on the Moon would have been way to easy as a link. But 1 Giant Leap is what Neil said when he stood on the moon, so I think this link is much more subtle. This is an amazing track and a wonderfull video well worth watching all the way through.