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Now that’s what I call a vegetarian barbecue!

We stayed the night in our rural abode, well not actually ours, as in we own it,more is the pity, but the place where we were staying. We had the bright idea of inviting the other people staying down the road for a barbecue. As most of the crowd were vegetarian, with a couple of fish eaters it was mostly about the vegetarian kebabs. Mr P. made skewers from willow and hawthorn..we thought we’d do a bit of compare and contrast…the hawthorn won….

It was a lovely evening except somewhere from saying ‘let’s all have a barbecue!’ the evening turned into me and Mr P being like super hosts, running hither and thither …did not really sit down much, and if it was not for KB, Mr P. might have spent the whole night crying in front of the barbecue all on his own. The highlight of the evening for me was not the company or the amazing views, but the barbecued bananas…yum.

SONG OF THE DAY In the summer time -Mungo Jerry

More than any other reason I have posted this song to remind men of all ages and ethnicity that the sideburn is not a good look, and I hope it will never return as a look that we consider to be in any way chic or fashionable…please. I have to say the lyrics leave me a bit cold too, as I  do not find that I have women, have women, have women on my mind in the summertime anymore than I have any other season. My problem, I know……enjoy! x

Song of The Day -Day 148

Song of the Day- Killer Queen -Queen

 I bought 2 singles for my best friends party, when I was about 14. This song and ‘You ‘aint seen nothing yet’ by Bachman, Turner, Overdrive….disco had not quite arrived…..thank god it did.

Some bastard nicked them both…but we did play them many many times through the evening. The boy I was going out with, who ended up becoming a policeman, went off with another girl and I cried almost the whole evening. I was wearing a dress I had made myself….I may not have made another one since!

I still am in shock at the fact that I have blogged every day but one, since Jan 1st of this year, but one day I did two seperate posts by mistake, so I am even. 148 days, my word. That is one big commitment. I know its not like taking a child to school every day, or putting the cat out every night, but it has taken up a huge amount of my time. If I say I averaged, 40 mins a post ( it usually takes me that long to correct the spelling mistakes) that is nearly one hundred hours that  I have spent writing and compiling this year,  so far, which is 3 times more time than I have spent watching Neighbours So it is all good. think I may be having a bit of a dull patch but it is all about the ebbs and flow, the high and low, the silence and the noise…blah blah blah

THERE WAS A HUSH IN THE HOUSE and in the garden

I  have been slightly more calm  at home for a few weeks now, and then the penny dropped! No-one in the area is having their loft converted, their roof done, an extension built on their house, their patio removed, constructing metal furniture with a circular saw (which often happens hourly all weekend). It is short of a miracle. Right at this moment, on this warm May morning, all I can feel is the very far rumble of the main road and all I can hear are distant aeroplanes, a  proper howling dog and  bird song. For about the last three years, a day has not gone by when I would open my windows to the sound of drilling, banging, bashing, friendly Polish and Armenian banter, as each neighbour  seemed to take turns having some major construction done to their house. There are a lot of neighbours as the square of victorian houses at the back consists of about 60, each of them 3 or  4 stories  high ( not many loft conversions left!). They form a square echo chamber, so if anyone is in their garden guffawing, hooting, banging and drilling, we all hear it!

I will enjoy it while it lasts……deep contented sigh.


I have a secret love of this track…Maria Carey -We Belong Together -It is sometimes hard to hear the amazing voice over all the  apparent desire to be seen as some sort of sex kitten, but this is one of my secret tracks on my ipod that gets listened to a lot when no one is watching. Maria Carey has a really great ‘falsetto’, if you listen she moves from a twangy sound to a whispery tone in the same line, and has many incredibly dexterous qualities to her voice. She has a remarkable instrument, by which I mean her voice, not her boobs, which slightly over shadow her dulcet tones if you happen to watch the video. My advice would be to look away and concentrate on the voice.

Photo of the Week – Wildlife

Where are those friggin' birds

Ok ok, so there is not exactly any wildlife in the photo I took last week, unless you think Mr P and Ms WJ are looking a bit on the wild side. I  can assure you, they are  both quite domesticated, and even if they have delusions of being ‘wild things’, they are both very tame. They are, of course looking for wild life….birds, of the feathered variety, so I felt the photo was in keeping with the theme. They are at this moment looking at some pink footed geese. The day had been quite full of some marvellous sightings, including, yellow hammers, corn buntings and egrets. Ra ra ra!


Rocking Robin -The Jackson Five -live version