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The John Redburn Boys

I found this postcard in an old shoebox. John Redburn is my Great-Great-Grandfather.  As far as I know John Redburn (middle bottom row?) was married to Ann Abbott in 1851 somewhere in the Bethnal Green Spitalfield area.  I have no idea when this postcard photo was taken, would love to know, but it was sent out for Christmas one year. Can anyone date it by what they are wearing or from the postcard? I took great delight in seeing it again. I am always quite excited about this side of my family, as Ann Abbott’s  father was called George Dubock ( formerly Duboc) and was a French Huguenot, so mixed in with a lot of Lancastrian blood there is something a bit more, in my eyes exotic in there. I am always a bit proud of the fact that my Grandad Bootle was a Catholic so that mixes it up a bit more too.   My  lovely Bishopsgate Singers (not mine really …just a figure of speech) sung in St Botolph in Bishopsgate a couple of years ago  with me waving my arms around at the front, and in 1792 one of my ancestors was married in the same church. Big stuff for me, as my family moved around so much when I was a kid , I often feel a bit rootless, so love those sort of connections.

Not that being a 32th Huguenot French is very exotic, because 1 in 8 people who are from the UK have an ancestor who was  French Huguenot, and I have been told that we are all distantly  related to Henry the Eighth. I thought I would post this picture on my 300th post as there must be a fair amount of people out here who are by now related to these 6 men who might be searching for archives…so let me know.

SONG OF THE DAY –  Lady Gaga – Judas

A song about being in love with  Judas …ah fine continuity ha ha!…..I am posting this specially for Dark Vador who does not get Lady Gaga…fine fine…but 109 million views on YOUTUBE ( that is 109 million different computers, as it does not count hits from the same computer, so it is not 10 excited  fans in Aberdeen watching it every 4 minutes) something is working DV. I am determined to help you in your ‘not getting of Gaga’…it is all about pop …nothing else. Lady Gaga is a marvel and deserves her iconic status – a creative maverick, a really fine musician and there is something  in this pop video for everything ( well almost). The video itself which is mostly her creative  input with the help of lots of money and a great team . Watch it as you would a movie with a sound track maybe, the styling is a dream ( even though I am not into fashion much, I can appreciate it as ground breaking) and the intro and verses are so so so funky,…I am not completely enamoured by the chorus, but they keep the riff raff happy, as  in, if you miss all the musical layering and  finery of the rest of the song you can just sing along with the chorus while line dancing round the kitchen. So I recommend cranking it up watching all the pictures, listening to the poetry in the verses and chorus….and then see if it helps….Way hey!

Photo Challenge of the Week – Autumn

As I am writing this post I am also directing Mr P. in the art of soup making. We are both feeling a bit crook today as we ate something funny on Sunday night -not funny ha ha…and are still recovering, so much weak and feebleness, aching limbs and dehydration etc….  This weekend I got out of the city  with some friends. Mr P. went fishing and birdwatching and I just lazed about and read 2 trashy novels, most unusual thing for me to do. I also walked a lot and took pictures of the changing seasons. These are my two favourites. While I was away we noticed again that there is a fruit glut this year, due to the fine weather we had  all that time ago in April. Funny that we are expecting an Indian Summer in October and we had a summer without a name in April, Tenerife summer maybe? ….and then mostly gloom and rain in between. So the finest weather with almost a six month gap in between, most peculiar.  This weekend we went blackberry picking and I made a wheat free crumble with only organic maple syrup to sweeten it. Just oats, butter, maple syrup and fruit. Yum. This other photo is of a large haystack and Mr P, which gives you an idea how big it is (  Mr P. thinks he  is 6 foot 2……) very seasonal sight.

SONG OF THE DAY – Fontella Bass -Rescue me

Lovely high quality video of  a great song. Bit short though… Wicked outfits and the band …well what can I say…

Song of the Day – Starman

David Bowie,  ah!

Picture in my desk at school.

Have the album cover of Hunky Dory in a frame in my kitchen.

On the loose theme of songs with stars in them. Here is todays contribution.

This is such a fine video…another advert from the rocking bass player ( never ever please can sideburns back into fashionable circles) Bowie is completely magnificent in this.

and then a fairly recent rendition ( 29 years after the original) with Bowie still looking and sounding gorgeous…I don’t think you ever get over your first crush and he was mine.

Photo of the Day -The Peckham Wall of Love

Check out this beautiful photo that my mate Emma Jane took in Peckham after the riots.  Photos of people cleaning the streets and adding positive posts it notes to a wall of a shop that had to be boarded up – the whole collection is here. Well worth a look.

Also check out  this interview from Darcus Howe. Words fail me at the interviewer’s  stupid questions.

SONG OF THE DAY – Ghost Town -The Specials