Song of The Day -Day 148

Song of the Day- Killer Queen -Queen

 I bought 2 singles for my best friends party, when I was about 14. This song and ‘You ‘aint seen nothing yet’ by Bachman, Turner, Overdrive….disco had not quite arrived…..thank god it did.

Some bastard nicked them both…but we did play them many many times through the evening. The boy I was going out with, who ended up becoming a policeman, went off with another girl and I cried almost the whole evening. I was wearing a dress I had made myself….I may not have made another one since!

I still am in shock at the fact that I have blogged every day but one, since Jan 1st of this year, but one day I did two seperate posts by mistake, so I am even. 148 days, my word. That is one big commitment. I know its not like taking a child to school every day, or putting the cat out every night, but it has taken up a huge amount of my time. If I say I averaged, 40 mins a post ( it usually takes me that long to correct the spelling mistakes) that is nearly one hundred hours that  I have spent writing and compiling this year,  so far, which is 3 times more time than I have spent watching Neighbours So it is all good. think I may be having a bit of a dull patch but it is all about the ebbs and flow, the high and low, the silence and the noise…blah blah blah


  1. Well done on 148 posts. When I get stuck I think about movies or news reports and try to get inspired. There’s always anniversaries, too …every day is usually some sort of anniversary. Today is Gladys nights birthday!


  2. […] Gitika wrote the other day about the achievement of reaching 148 posts, and I agree with her, it’s been quite a commitment. I was asking myself the other day what else I have done so consistently, what else I’ve been so committed to this year. Apart from brushing my teeth in the morning, I’m not sure there is anything else. Even breakfast doesn’t always happen. Which led me to wonder what I could achieve if I did commit myself to doing something consistently, every day, for a year. I don’t have an answer yet, but I’m still thinking about it. […]


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