Not In My Back Yard -The Gravel Theatre Company

I went and helped out with a little bit of  harmony singing with the fab Gravel Theatre  Company,who were rehearsing down at The Old Red Lion ( na na na na na…oops sorry that’s the old bull and bush) at the Angel. They are rehearsing for their  show NIMBY  –  a new comedy that explores what happens when people have to chose between their morals and their quality  of life. ( 18th -25th June Old Red Lion, Angel) I tell you what, if their acting is as good as their singing, and I am assuming it is  even bette, as they are actors after all…. it is going to be a cracking show. I have my comps for helping out, and as it is the smallest theatre in the land, I would   get your tickets soon, it is well worth going along. I remember from Mr P’s many years in fringe theatre, you have to support the fringe BIG TIME. It is where all the real freshness and innovation is…most things are usually past their best by the time they get anywhere near  ‘Up West’.

the cast

The cast, Daniel Curtis, Kate Sichel, Ciaran Dowd, Louise Torres-Ryan, Laura Dalgleish, Ryan O’Donnell are brilliant, and are singing a few of bits of  vocal arrangements from my books between scenes. I had a lot of fun doing a vocal warm ups and sorting out some  vocal stuff for them…woops I have another job I remember I have to do. So good luck chaps.  I am really looking forward to seeing the show.

SONG OF THE DAY They use this song in their show…must sort out the harmonies..

Nothing Changes – Anais Mitchell featuring the Haden Triplets

I posted another song from this album. Hadestown a couple of days ago…rather fine.

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