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Happy Birthday Mickey B. Goode


Happy Birthday To YOU! Blimey me and Mickey go back a long way. I think we ‘went into the studio’ about 1984 or 5. I met him in a local pub, and the rest, as they say is history.  Hundreds of gigs and songs later…..So its MBG’s birthday today.


Congratulations for reaching a fine age, and see you later, the trifle is nearly ready! To celebrate this birthday I am publishing a few fine photos of me and


Mickey through our musical partnership through the years and a little bit of video of us practising just the other week. – It is very good of Mickey to let me play the guitar with him as he is an old master, as I am really a bit of a fledgling.

I am still sorting out my speech for January 1st and my proper life plan for the next year in between sorting out my computer which is on misbehave mode, so has to be turned off and ignored until it calms down and remembers its place. It sounds a bit silly to have a ( before I  kick the) bucket list, but it is good to have a focus , not that I really need more to do!


The first time I saw Mickey he was playing in his band Penguin Fury at the Stapleton Pub in Stroud Green in about 1982. He was the guitarist and they had a stuffed penguin at the front of the stage. They were very good. The drummer Bruno Perosa is a film maker too   (he edited Raining In China) the thing is can you work out which of the band is Mickey?

Photo of the Day – Hands

Dear sweet Mr P. was cleaning out his work bag.  I took a picture of all the work gloves that came out and were laid on the floor for matching and  inspection.  Mr. P’s hands were added to the picture.

I have been very hand orientated recently as I am practicing the guitar everyday until they ache, which does not see to be long. I had a strange moment when Mr P. told me how good it was that I was learning a new skill at my age and I suddenly had one of those moments when I thought that I was maybe too old to learn something new. The thing is I am enjoying it so much. Also when I went to the hospital last week the consultant put the comma in the wrong place and called me a 52 year….old woman. Not yet I shouted not yet! In Greece I am still considered young see link!  I am still trying to put that one away, as, like I harp on, it is never too late. Must remember my own advise. Ah the sound of early morning  drilling! The man on the TV who is having his house excavated, is not making any friends, as both houses on either side  of his are cracking and moving, as are his neighbours (not moving, as in moving house, but definitely cracking up) as his builders wake us all up every day since July. Deep Joy.

SONG OF THE DAY Bill Withers – Grandma’s Hands/Use Me

Poetry Corner

Today I am introducing you to Hannah Double Barrel and her marvellous spoken word. I am directing you to her marvellous blog where you can read A poem by Hannah, and then many more as you travel around her blog. 

Hannah and Mr P. has a special relationship ( ha ha ) as when Hannah was little and went to a dreaded after school club, Mr P was one of the play workers. Now she is all gorgeous and grown up ( ah) she is a mistress of the spoken word. Her blog is cool and full of marvellous stuff…..more on that tomorrow, particularly on her undercover Zombie work.

Pierre Barrel and Margaret Double

Pierre Barrel and Margaret Double

Her Mum and Dad perform at our acoustic club ( like to keep it in the family) which we had 2 mights ago. It was a quiet, yet intimate night as there must have been something good on the tv. We don’t have to use that excuse anymore now we have catch up. Perhaps lots of people came over all wussy as they panicked about returning to work the next day. Any way it was a lovely evening and my guitar playing just gets better and better.


Yes ! Travolta dancing on the lighty upy dance floor. I had a job as a bar maid for a year in a big night  club when this came out, and on our nights off we all went  there and danced all night, so I am through no fault completely steeped in DISCO!