I  have to started an organisation for the protection of cruelty against chocolate bunnies before their due date.  CBNC is the  name of the society. It stands for Chocolate Bunnies – No Cruelty, and the t-shirts are available in  dark, milk and white chocolate brown.

I urge you to spread the word, especially at this dark time  of the year, when chocolate bunnies all over the world are being devoured prematurely by people with no self -restraint, manners or empathy for the shortened life-span of the chocolate Easter Bunny. If life were not hard enough for the Easter Bunny anyway, it is just getting harder when people are tucking into their bunnies  way before they should be, and often in such a furtive, secretive  and underhand way – under tables. behind closed doors, in the silence of the night.

So support us in our quest to end cruelty to the Easter Bunny so at Easter all our lives will be bathed in light, re-birth and melted chocolate.


Don’t Be Cruel -Elvis

Nice bit of film this