Photo of the Day – London Chimneys

I took this picture out of window of the Victoria and Albert Museum last week. I was thinking today about open fires and chimneys. My friends in the county will be ‘loggin up’ and looking forward to some roaring fires by now.  I love that sight in the country when you see smoke coming out of the chimneys and the smell of burning wood. I have lived in a place in London where we had an open fire, but I think it was all smokeless fuel so as to earadicate the ‘pea soupers’ of olden times. If it looks like there is a bit of smog in the photo, it is probably a sticky fingerprint on my lens….in fact I should probably make it my trademark as most of my photos have a blurry bit somewhere, where I have got some grime on the lens…sorry…

Better check your chimneys are clear.

SONG OF THE DAY -Step in time -Mary Poppins

More Chimneys  best shoes and the worst cockney accent ever..ha ha..

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