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Photo of the Day – London Chimneys

I took this picture out of window of the Victoria and Albert Museum last week. I was thinking today about open fires and chimneys. My friends in the county will be ‘loggin up’ and looking forward to some roaring fires by now.  I love that sight in the country when you see smoke coming out of the chimneys and the smell of burning wood. I have lived in a place in London where we had an open fire, but I think it was all smokeless fuel so as to earadicate the ‘pea soupers’ of olden times. If it looks like there is a bit of smog in the photo, it is probably a sticky fingerprint on my lens….in fact I should probably make it my trademark as most of my photos have a blurry bit somewhere, where I have got some grime on the lens…sorry…

Better check your chimneys are clear.

SONG OF THE DAY -Step in time -Mary Poppins

More Chimneys  best shoes and the worst cockney accent ever..ha ha..

I Need a New Mnemonic for the Colours of the Rainbow

Can I be upfront here and say if I met a mnemonic walking down the road I would n’t know him from Adam -I had to look it up. I always forget which one of these strange words belongs to which state of wording, you know the ones, palindrome, anachronism, backronym etc.

To remember the colours of the rainbow in the right order you do not sing that silly song ‘I can sing a rainbow’. For one thing, there is no pink in the rainbow, and who ever saw pink and green next to each other in the colour spectrum…duh. Traditionally, the way you learn the colours in the right order is to remember the little ditty. Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain – for Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. I need a funnier ( keep it clean please) rhyme I can use with kids. If you think of a good one, you will get a mention in the credits of the new song I am going to write that will help us what ever age to remember what of the visible light spectrum. I now find out ‘I Can Sing a Rainbow’ was written by Arthur Hamilton who wrote ‘Cry Me a  River’…blimey that was a bit of a change of tack. Any bright ideas spring to mind?


Video by Me!!! singing and songwriting by my good self  and Andy McCrorie -Shand If you have never heard 3 BUCKET JONES before…you never know you might like it


Never Trust a Man Wearing Loafers…

I mentioned my unreasonable relationship with the Male Loafer to someone on Saturday. They disagreed. ‘Never trust a man in deck shoes, with no socks’ was their reply, well…. yes, I can see where that comes from too, but I still have to say  that my instinct to walk the other way when I see a  man in a loafer and my instant mistrust of their politics and ethics,  could be considered a cause for concern.

We better define loafer here. My definition – it has no laces, so is what they call in the trade a “slip on” and very often it might have some sort of metal bar across the top, purely for no other than decorative affectation.  Often it has a very flexible sole, sometimes with tractor marks. Loafers and jeans ….ugh. White loafers, in my opinion, the devil’s work. I may need some help to get over this suspicion of the wearer’s character, and wondered if I ever had an incident in my life that I have wiped from my conscious mind that involved a man wearing a pair of loafers.

are there loafers below?

I have to say, I don’t really hang out with a lot of people who wear this particular type of footwear, no idea why. Is it restricted to a different strand of society that I am not hanging out with? Who wears loafers? I see them on the tube, and sort of know instinctively that the wearer and I will not have anything in common. Do they cross many strands of our metropolitan society? I don’t really know.  I did once have a driving instructor who wore white loafers, and I am, curiously, still a non-driver. I also was, well there is no easy way to say this, ‘kidnapped’ by a man I hardly knew  who wore  loafers. Well those two incidents alone could be the root of the problem. Much to my dismay, I caught Mr P. browsing the loafer section of a reputable internet shoe store. I was so relieved when he uttered his disgust of  ‘le loafeur’ – close shave there though.

I dwell on things like this a lot…..Yes it is sad. Is it just a very minor type of prejudice? I am not homophobic, but I am loafaphobic? Could it be just a liberal way of being ‘phobic’, and that phobia is a completely natural thing, that we all have.  Imagine all the love and good  banter I might have missed  out on by giving men with loafers  a wide berth, (ha ha deck shoes, wide berth ha ha ha, good joke me hearties!). Ah Soh!


apt, methinks……Walk On By -Dionne Warwick

written by the marvellous Burt Bacharach….ahhhh….The Best Walking Website for Urbanites

If you live in one of 37 towns and cities in Britain ranging from Aberdeen to Wigan you need to look at this AMAZING site. I use it at least twice a week. It tells me from a start destination to finish, how many steps, how long  it will take if I loiter or  get a spring in my step. I have actually plugged in my weight and height  into my ‘personal walk it page’ and it tells me how many calories I will use.

I use the page  when going from an underground station to a place I  have never been, which happens once or twice a week, even though I have lived in London for 30 years. You can print out written directions and a map. You can decide whether you want to go the quickest way, or the least scenic route ( ha ha , I just read that back! I mean least polluted, most scenic routes) and it tells you how much CO2 emissions you are saving rather than car-ing it or bus-ing it or train-ing it!

It has themed walks of all sorts, a blog. Just lots of really groovy ways to walk in towns and cities.  Coincidentally I was talking to a lovely someone the other day who said that she missed walking since she left the city as now she has to get in her car to go everywhere. Yes we urbanites do get a lot of exercise and this site is amazing. Would recommend you look at it just for fun! Thumbs Up!


This is one of Polly’s most moving pieces for me at the moment. A good pal too. You can order her cd from the link below…well worth it.

Polly Bolton


You Won’t Always Feel This -Polly Bolton