chocolate sticks, celebrating women and being single

Yes…those are some of the other things being celebrated round the world while we are thinking about our dear departed soldiers. I was told a tale that my Grandad ran away to WW1 and I think it was the Battle of the Somme – he was 17, he was in a bunker with his mates, a shell went off, he turned round and all his 7 friends were dead.  He did suffer from ‘shell shock’ – what ever that means, but I only heard this story once…not something people talked about. What a waste of young  life, and it is still happening, my heart goes out to al the parents in the world who have lost their children to fighting, that includes the fighting on our street as well as the fighting far away.

My grandad died when he was 59 from emphesemia, from going down the mine 12 hours a day, with a jam sandwich and a flask of water, he died when I was a baby. I suppose his life being spared in that bunker means I am here.

And while we had our 2 minutes silence and our day of remembrance, the Japanese and South-Koreans are eating  similar chocolate sticks in celebration of chocolate covered sticks! The Chinese are celebrating being single, and having dinner with all their single friends, all the 1’s, while in Belgium it is National Women’s Day.

I tried to capture my computer at 11 secs past 11 mins past 11 on the 11th of the 11th but was one second out. oh well. Have a happy chocolate, remembrance, single, women’s day x x x x

SONG OF THE DAY – Blowing in the Wind – Bob Dylan

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