Cauliflower is back!

After years of hating cauliflower with a PASSION, H. and A. have changed my  culinary life. I was treated to the most amazing dinner at their house  last night, which included this  wonderful  cauliflower salad, thanks to a recipe by Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall, the recipe is  clicking here! The cauliflower is obviously having a bit of a renaissance.

The recipe is basically, crisp raw cauliflower with lemons, oil, toasted pumpkin seeds , sesame seeds and sumac …..something I had never heard of before. It is a crushed powdered berry that has a lemony taste, very popular in Turkish cooking. You may recognise the plant. So after years of thinking the cauliflower was the devil’s work…. I am converted. bring on the  raw cauliflowers!

SONG OF THE DAY – Mama Matrix -Melancholy Flower

ha ha ha…I like this band.

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