Saturday Night – A Sing, a Gig, and a Good Movie

singingSaturday was a perfect combination of things I like to do. After a lovely practice with some of my choir in the morning, I had acoustic band practice in the afternoon in my front room then, we had a bit of a ‘summer do’ at my housing co-op and a lovely gentle do it was too.

the spread!

CY did a gorgeous  spread of tuck,  Jess did a trifle from heaven and I sang a load of covers with MJB-the killer guitarist and D. Paxton -the artist. These included psycho killer, take me to the river, constant craving, summer breeze, latest flame, it might as well rain until september, to name but a few. Lord Harris of Mulkernia did a few recitations and the Roadhouse band saw us off -with  a whole electric set of wonderful songs both covers and their own stuff. A lovely evening. Surprisingly  mellow.


I then made the mistake of walking home and then watching a DVD with Mr P.  Barney’s Version which was over 2 hours long so did not get to bed until 2am. Now that’s a  really engaging film. Funny, and poignant, spanning a 30 year period. No spoilers from me. I was bawling my eyes out at the end at the sheer tragedy of the man’s life, though there are many very funny moments and there is a fine comedic full-stop to the end of the film.  Fine piece of cinema. Dustin Hoffman was great as the Jewish cop father as  was Paul Giamatti, the lead. Recommended.

SONG OF THE DAY Take Me to the River -Al Green

Love the little dedication he does at the beginning to Junior Parker and the way when he says’song’ he has that bit of air coming through his teeth. Classic song. Sung it in a couple of bands over the years. Plaxton and MJB did a nice little version last night!  I am not sure if my wailing and guitar helped or hindered. It was a lot of fun though.



  1. Hi G, just watched Barney’s Version & thoroughly enjoyed that one too. Also had a bit of a weep at the end. Mr DV tells me when I die he’s going to put my in a small boat and send me off to sea. Don’t quite know what to make of that!

    The new Woody Allen film ‘Midnight in Paris’ is worth a watch (+ it has a happy ending).

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