200 Days of Utter Drivel

This is it! DAY 200. I  have completed 200 posts of complete and utter drivel. Talked about the mundane and the completely mundane. Do I have something to celebrate? Should this be seen as some sort of wonderful feat?…hell yes and hell no. There is a lot to be said to be taking on ‘a practice’, ‘a discipline’ but I am  sure that  writing banal posts about sensible shoes and where I had my lunch yesterday is going to change, save or even lightly tickle the world.

I started off doing my posts so I was doing something other than running singing groups, as my life was getting very one directional. Just for me,… so why publish? another fine question. Is there not enough drivel on the net without me contributing more?

We are in a place with the internet where we are still trying it out for size. I think only bloggers understand bloggin…its a bit like train spotting for the 21st century. I know loads of people just don’t bother reading my blog as it pops up everyday on my facebook page, and why should they? Life’s too short, some people fill up facebook with event after event after exciting things they are doing…. I used to think people who had blogs were just completely self obsessed. It is not really self obsession that which keeps me blogging. I am hoping at the end of the year, a snapshot of my life will have emerged which might be a bit fun, a bit interesting, a little bit humorous……and with any luck, something far more useful or creative will come out of having this discipline everyday. Maybe I shall write a song a day, a poem a day, clean a cupboard a day….what a world of possibilities there are! If you happen to be here with me thats lovely, and a comment is even better. later x x x

SONG OF THE DAY   I’m Still Waiting -Diana Ross

argh! teenage angst…this and ‘Goodbye to Love’ Carpenters were the two ‘woe is me’ songs from my  early years….funny not really songs like this anymore…probably just as well….someone I know calls them ‘doormat songs’…ha ha..glad our girls are not doormats anymore…


  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog every morning, over my first cuppa of the day, which I am.lucky enough to have delivered to me in bed every morning. Congratulations! And, keep going! x

  2. thanks ..you are my bestest new bloggy mate. take it easy…enoughh with the swimming in the sea stories…oh and firing squads…there is a girl band in UK called the Saturdays who would actually go before Bjork and AMy…x

  3. I love your blog too … it feels as if it’s about living in the moment and appreciating the little things (and some not so little too) . And it’s great being reminded of music I haven’t thought of for years – for example recently your Bread track brought back memories (happy and wistful ones) and made me listen to lots of their other tracks again. Thanks for sharing your musings with us rather than just writing them for yourself! Enjoyed our extra Bishopsgate singing session today …
    Jane x

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