FILM OF THE WEEK – ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story’

My favourite pass time is to flump on front of the tv and watch a GOOD movie. This was a complete surprise and I did spend almost the whole film yelping about what a good film it was. I cried joyous tears at the end. It is independent, funny, moving and quirky and without spoiling anything it is a weeks journey of a suicidal 16 year old who is admitted into a psychiatric unit in New York. Would recommend it. Don’t watch the trailer as that sort of spoils it. I fact what is the point of putting loads of snippets of a film, not necessarily in the right order in a trailer. It just sort of spoils it for me. I loved the fact that I knew absolutely nothing about this film when I watched it.  My favourite character was played by Zach Galifiankis who seems to be famous now for being in the films about hangovers, which I am likely to see as having my teeth pulled out with no anaesthetic.

Loved it.

Second day hanging out in the local laundry. Have just got to the bottom of the basket  for the first time in a couple of years. When you visit a laundry you do tend to leave some difficult stuff in the bottom of the basket for another wash, so there is a blanket, a knee bandage, and a sparkly jumper that are finally in the 35lb-er across the road. For some reason the laundrette is still open,  check out my not so beautiful laundrette post from february, but now it only does only cold washes…so once again without meaning to, I am giving something back to the environment. As I neither drive, or fly, or eat fruit and veg unless it is fairly local ( apart from bananas which I hope still arrive in a boat) have no children I am veritably floating across this life of mine, with hardly a footprint for you to follow. I know it is not as black and white as that and I probably make up for it in sensible shoes!

SONG OF THE DAY Under Pressure -Mercury and Bowie

Wonderful scene in the movie that uses this track, which is a real stunner. When it came out it was just a bit uncool. Neither artists were in their cool heyday, but it is one of those peculiar things like ABBA where it has got more and more meaningful ( ABBA? meaningful? sorry vocabulary police…we have a malfunction) Rather concerned that this track is 30years old!!! I would have given it 20….


  1. I watched the film on the strength of your post. Very sweet, touching and funny, if a little smaltzy at the end. I was half expecting Louis Armstrong to strike up with “It’s a Wonderful World”. Great stuff, thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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