Photo of the Day – Places I Ate my Lunch


So this is photo one, the venue ands the lunch. Venue, with kind thanks of the City of London. Lunch, kind thanks of Pod. More lunch venues to come!


Bjork -It’s Oh So Quiet and the video has the words so you can sing along!


  1. Oh lordy. I can’t stand Bjork. If I ruled the world she’d be second, after Amy Winehouse, to face the firing squad. That said, this is the tune that is always played during the warm-up at my pilates class. I hadn’t realised it was by Bjork, and until now I’d quite liked it 🙂

  2. ha ha ha.. artist firing squad.yes we should make a list…chris de Burgh would be in there .. yup I have to say am not a fan., her accent is too just popped into my head…cos i like that very quiet thing , then very shouty bit…can’t see it working before a pilates class…and the video is sort of cute…dont really get her music though too highbrow for me(?????)

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