Photo of the Day – Places I Eat Breakfast

This are pictures from yesterday morning – well probably nearly mid-day if the truth is to be told. I had my breakfast ‘al fresco’ with Mr P – A  a slice of  organic bacon, home grown greens, ( Mr P. is the one with the growing skills, not me) mushrooms and tomatoes with basil and olive oil….. yum. Not many breakfasts in my life are so scenic and darn yummy. But I will be noting when they are as it is easy to let them pass you by and not mark them with a little thankful tug at the universal forelock. Thank You Universe. Praying for Rain.

SONG OF THE DAY  I’m into Something Good –Herman’s Hermits

this song was written by….Gerry Goffin and Carole King! who also wrote..“Up On the Roof” (the Drifters), “One Fine Day” (the Chiffons),  “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” (the Shirelles), “Take Good Care of My Baby” (Bobby Vee), “Chains” (the Cookies), “Don’t Bring Me Down” (the Animals), “Take a Giant Step” (the Monkees) and “Goin’ Back” (the Byrds) and most of them they wrote while they were still in their teens/early twenties!
They must be altogether seriously loaded! I think there should be a publishing ceiling… when a song has earned a certain amount of millions it should automatically become Public Domain. Soon I am going to write a song a day myself…record it live in my office. Today’s song would have been  about eating broccoli for breakfast…ah just need a few more hours in the day…where can I steal them from?

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