Pans With Lids

So there I was at the wonderful James Selby Department Store in Holloway  looking for a pan. Every so often I go and stay somewhere that has the ‘self-catering effect’ and when I am on holiday, I like to cook. So what is with places that have pans with no lids? How can you cook properly without a lid? I mean, cooking rice with out a lid, steaming  without a lid…madness. No need for lids if you are warming up tins of beans, but proper cooking…you need your pan lid man!

check out the lid man!

My favourite type of pan is a deep flat frying pan, or they call it a sauteing pan. You can saute in it and then add loads of stuff, put a lid on and leave to simmer. Great for risotto, and long cooking stews etc. but it has to have a lid, preferably a big domey one. When you have food left in your pan, don’t you need to put a lid on it?

So I spend all myself catering time using plates as lids and hoping thy won’t crack. Perhaps it is the way I like to cook….and why buy a pan with no lid? Makes no sense to me…there another of my pet-hates of mine exposed to the universe.

My top pan would always be Le Creuset but have to say when I finally saved up enough to get my first one I was deeply disappointed that I managed to scrape a section of the ceramic coating off in no time  ‘cos I burned it. It still works, I am just cooking straight onto cast iron which is no bad thing. But they just cook so much better as they as solid thick bottoms. I shall be talking about cooking and food a lot over the next few days as I am detoxing. Today and have eaten nothing but organic apples and have a mother of a headache. Arrgh


Hammock -Wish

They are categorized as ambient/post rock. Mr P’s choice so I hear it a lot.

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