Photo of the Day – Your Favourite Bench


Sometimes it’s all mad mad mad, go go go. Time for  a little sit down, methinks. Find that bench, the one with the view  and just take some time out to breathe before you do the next thing you have to do. Just have a bit of time to watch that mind of yours doing cartwheels, for who and  for why?


Take a bit of time to watch the world going by. Just be a watcher, not a dooer. Just breathe and be in the moment, a sitter on a bench. Ahhhh! There…that’s a bit better eh? No point in rushing into something you might regret later. Sometimes a little time sitting on the bench, just being, rather than doing  can do the trick.  Might make you realise that there is a lot that is good in the world and that things could be so much worse, and all that whirring in your head is just a bit of static. Oh do you like my new background, it is a photo of an oil drum I bumped into.

SONG OF THE DAY Otis Reading -Sitting on the Dock of The Bay


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