Rest in Peace Easter Bunny, Rest in Peace.

This is my final post  with my Easter Bunny, as all I have left to remember him by is his sweet little head…….um sorry, his sweet little face..….what? Something round my mouth?…..just a bit of gravy. Soon bunny will just be a memory, etched into my  heart (stomach). At least I have some sense of justice left in me, and will continue to raise awareness of the suffering that our Chocolate Easter Bunnies have to put up with.

The CBNC t-shirts are flying off the shelves, though we have quite a lot of the 70% cocoa mass ones left..just not as popular for some reason.  Every where I go I see people wearing them..which warms my heart to think I helped in some little way with the chocolate bunny’s plight.  I just want to thank the Bunny for all the pleasure it has given the people around me, and take this moment to forgive them all for helping themselves to bits of my poor beautiful bunny’s anatomy. I would like to thank t-shirts-we-print-them! for their stirling work, and Thornton’s for their lovely bunny.

SONG OF THE DAY (Instrumental)

An ambient piece-  keeping Ai Weiwei in our consciousness

Ai Weiwei

Eluvium – Prelude for Time Feelers

hope it's a chocolate egg


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