Detox Time….

I have been a sensible girl for years. I used to do  crazy ( or not, depending on how you feel about  it) detoxes a fairly seasonally. but I have not done one for ages.

Organic Short Grain Rice

The first ever one I did was when I was about 19 and did a 10 day brown rice diet (organic short grain with a seasoning of  gomasio, which is sea salt and lightly roasted sesame seeds ground together…. very tasty addition  but could not touch it for years after). That was pretty intense and I had a CRACKING headache for 3 days, like I had never experienced.

Having said that after that, the diet improved my health immensely as I had been suffering from recurrent tonsillitis and all the homeopaths I have ever met have said have told me that my immune system had been compromised by having all the inoculations for a trip to India when I  was 18..that included yellow fever, which is made from  something to do with eggs which I now seem unable to stomach. My whole body got  a complete,  temporary covering of what looked like nettle stings after the injections.

I ate a strict  macrobiotic diet (with fish) for about 6 months and was the most healthy I have ever been in my entire life….I slept (what’s that?) jumped out of bed at 7 every morning( 7am? I don’t know that time is  at all) but  had no friends…ha ha ha !

So as I have seemed to have some wierd rashes and things that seem to be suggesting my body might be suffering from overload, the time is right and I have eaten nothing but organic apples, water and herbal tea for 48 hours and the headache is gone and I am feeling ok, if not a little tired. CAN I SAY AT THIS POINT I AM NOT RECOMMENDING DE-TOX TO ANYONE. If you suddenly get the urge to do it, make sure you are ready and able, you read enough about the subject, and be aware if you even imbibe small amounts of caffeine, the detox headache is a really stonking pain.


SONG OF THE DAY  Bob Marley -Waiting in Vain.Have been singing this  lately with my own guitar accompaniment . Lovely song. I think this version has been loaded onto youtube from vinyl as it jumps a couple of times….cool!

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