The Partington Family Singers -Deck the Halls

I think this may have been a couple of christmases before the recording. That's me in the middle.
I think this may have been a couple of christmases before the recording. That’s me in the middle.

Oh my! It is nostalgia time. I blame radio 6 and the chat over a ginger beer in the pub last night. I have trillions of old cassettes and found this gem….my family all singing ‘Deck the Halls’ together in the early 1970’s. I think I remember us singing it at a little concert and someone had an old cassette recorder. Watch out for the nasty hissy stuff….can’t believe the cassette still works! I am sure I might be able to clean it up and get rid of all the nasty hiss, but as a piece of history, well you cannot beat it. That’s my little brother with the cut glass soprano voice at the top. with me and sis in the middle, mum on tenor and our very patient Dad on bass. Ah memories. I think we spent as much time fighting as singing, near the end of our singing career as a family…. but I think we sounded rather fine.

More to brace yourselves.

Merry Christmas ho ho ho.

Weird just tried to listen to this on someone’s fancy shmancy iPad and the soundcloud link did not come up. so if you are loved up with an iPad you might have to go to my soundcloud page until I sort out what the problem is…..curious xlink here


  1. Great performance there GItika! Lousy rhyming in them days, eh – “old year passes / lads and lasses” ???
    For my seriously lunatic 1980 punky version of this number, see here:
    And yes, your soundcloud link did not show up on my iPad either. Odd that.
    For reducing hiss and so on (and a lot of other great features) I use Amadeus Pro (for Mac):
    Morgan xox

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