The Tubthumping Chorus

I am running a new choir at the Bishopsgate Institute in the new year called The Tubthumping Chorus. Singing songs that might shelter under the umbrella of “folk” is rather a good description, and means we will be singing a really WIDE selection of repertoire. The  75 strong Amazing Bishopsgate Singers will continue to ROCK on a Monday night. I think we are going to try out a few songs from the old shows, more jazzy numbers in the near future  …Here is THE LINK for the TBTC and a quick snapshot of what the link looks like below.


It had better be something under the umbrella of ‘folk’ to be in keeping with the day’s post. The Robert Shawe Chorale from the 1960’s…ah you can’t beat the sound of the all male choir. It is really too fast to be doing the particular task  linked with this particular sea shanty. I have been very influenced by this type of arrangement. I think I must have listened to a lot of songs like this when I was in the womb!

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