Got Gitika back from the Zoo today, she is still a little grouchy, looks like I have to get a Tetanus  shot. So quarantine for 16 weeks! Its going to be tough, still as long as I cover her Workshops and blog I see no major problem.

She will be properly assessed by the Doctor tomorrow, but methinks the Zoo was a simple trigger that pushed her over the proverbial edge.

Mr P feeding the birdies this morning.

Everything was fine at first we looked at the Aquarium then the insect house and it was only when we had lunch that I noticed her dribbling more than usual. Then after lunch while wondering through the Gorilla Kingdom that she bolted over the ” moat” and was last seen swinging from an old tyre screaming “give me the note”!

Anyway she is now heavily sedated holding a organic fruit mix, muttering stuff about Soprano’s.

Anyway here are a selection of pics of me feeding the birds in the snow this morning then I am off to practice some singy acapulco stuff for the Bishopgate choir tomorrow. Might add a little something from my own repertoire ( Holidays in the sun by J.Lydon)

SONG OF YOUR DAY – Amusement Parks on Fire – Solera La Reina

One of my favourite bands Amusement parks on fire hail from Nottingham England famous for inventing the white stiletto and Torville and Dean.

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  1. Kathy says:

    I hope you’ve cracked on with the crash-choral-leadership-on-the-Web course, Mr P. I have high expectations of this Monday evening. Trust Gitika is well on the way to recovery and can soon come off the drugs. Perhaps you can take a joint-leadership role in future weeks to ease Gitika’s return – and nerves – to us mass ranks of community belters.

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