I am afraid Gitika is indisposed tonight due to a bit of an accident at the zoo today. So it is down to her dear Grandma to take the stage -we found this on a cassette and only just transferred into an Mp3. Grandma Jane was born in  December 1899.

We have no idea when this was recorded, but I think it was soon after cassettes were invented! 40 or 50 years old! It is a poem called the burglar. Grandma was from Wigan, Lancashire. Hope you enjoy it. Mr P. x x x

Click on Grandma Partington -The Burglar

SONG OF THE DAY- Albert and the Lion -Stanley Holloway

If you have never heard this you have to listen to it all! It was Grandma’s most popular recitation. Might explained what happened to Mrs. P today.

3 Responses to “A Poem from Grandma Partington”

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  1. Kathy says:

    Gitika’s grandma is a star! But what of poor Gitika? Who will teach us on Monday!

  2. carolcovin says:

    How wonderful it must be to hear your grandma’s voice from the past!

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