…..and it is so quiet! Ahhhhhh! I am here with my laptop checking if I can actually ‘post’ on the move. Yup bit behind with my ‘travelling’ technology, as I still do not have a smart phone, but my old lap top is not going to let me down. I am supposed to be doing loads of work here, but things are not going well. I have resorted to taking photos of myself on ‘photo booth’…a nostalgic Woolworth’s moment  – the only thing I have not done yet is put them into ‘comic life’ and given them silly speech bubbles….but the journey is not over yet! oops! ah well…good to know I am still in touch with my inner teenager ( thank goodness). Radio 4 mid-week was really lovely this week. Touching and funny…well worth a listen if you missed it. I was particularly taken with Rudi Richardson (and remembered his name all day, which is really unusual for someone with no short term memory) who runs a charity for the homeless in London called Streetlytes…ok I am pressing publish….now!

SONG OF THE DAY -The Korgis -Everybody’s got to learn sometimes

4 Responses to “I AM ON THE TRAIN!!!!!”

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  1. jonnyr says:

    HaHa — you’re on the train!!!!

  2. Seycen says:

    Ooh, one of my favourite songs eva! Love it love it love it 🙂

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