I have a long singing day today, which is going to be a bit hard, as I have the voice of a dog who has spent a week in a horrible holiday kennel. The whole day will be cushioned by the fact that the lovely JM is cooking us a roast chicken dinner tonight, and she is the best roast chicken dinner maker I know!

I think if I was to have  a last meal before I leave this mortal coil, the roast chicken dinner with GRAVY and MASHED POTATOES and all the trimmings would be up there in my one hand choice. Another choice would be really really good sausages with mash and onion gravy.

So about 7pm tonight you can think of me in my roast chicken heaven -though there is a fine chance I may fall asleep in my dinner, as I find working and socialising on the same day quite tricky.

SONG OF THE DAYForget me Not

This song was brought to us by a group of African singers called the Diamond Choir, who I think worked in  South African Diamond mines, please correct me if I have got this wrong, I think a bit like the old  pit men colliery bands and choirs, they visited this country several times to  sing and raise awareness of the struggle with HIV. I believe they don’t visit anymore in case they try and stay…This is a video of the Bishopsgate Singers and the Trinity Laban World Choir ( catchy name, someone said to me yesterday!) opening our end of term sharing at the beginning of the week… so loverly.


  1. 7.15pm and I’m thinking of you and that roast chicken. I had…sardines. I tried adding the avocados, and now I’m thinking about ditching the stinky fish and switching to the creamy ‘cados!

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