I always do my make up on the train

…or should I say the tube..that’s if I can be bothered. Seems a waste of time doing it at home. Takes me maximum 4 and a half minutes ( 2 tube stops). Not alot going on there, bit of cover up, bit of mascara, bit of lippy. Some people get upset… Well it’s not like I am  eating stinky food, plucking my nose hairs, picking my nose, scratching my genials ( for once a deliberate spelling mistake)  clipping or filing  my nails ( I have seen all of those done on the tube).

For some reason some people  seem to take offence to people putting on their make up on in public places. It’s funny, no-one seems to mind that people use the tube as a library, a  pungent restaurant,  a place for loud shouting debate, a luggage docking station, a sauna, a multiple drum and bass sound arena, a groping station when the train is packed, a  nail varnish salon ( that I have to draw the line at this pursuit as in a confined space there is nowhere for the smell to go…yuk) So I will continue to do my minimal make-up knowing that it is doing harm to neither man or beast…and if you don’t like it…read a book or get your own mascara! I have been up since 5am , working so I think I might need to get a bit of shut eye in now…Day at home today so hurrah…no public transport!

Video of the day Just in case you were pining over being back on the London Underground in this hot stifling, un air conditioned time of year here is  a 30 second video going down the ‘Hescalators’ yesterday.

SONG OF THE DAY  Tom Jones-Delilah

Great Song -Have you heard the Alex Harvey Band version? Worth Checking out too.


  1. Ah man, those were the days! But it can’t be that hot, look at the clothes people are wearing. The girl’s still got her black woolly winter tights on and a long-sleeved shirt, and the men are all still wearing their suit jackets. Reminds me of my youth 🙂

  2. it’s hot enough! you can’t go to the office is yer bathers…and its easier to wear it than to carry it.
    often why I prefer the winter to the summer…not having to carry my jacket around with me…wearing it is easier.

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