Photos of the Day – Lunch in the Local Park

I finally had a day at home with Mr P…. Apart from waking up at 5am and then falling asleep at 9am, the day was lovely. We wandered over to the nicest, least pretentious and most reasonably priced lunch venue in our neighbourhood. It was called Park Life and now is called the Community Diner. Part of a community centre and next to the park where Dick Whittington lost his cat all those centuries ago. Actually it may be where he found his cat. Perhaps it was where he just had a bit of a rest with his cat.

They have got rid of the fabbo birdie wallpaper, and given the place an acid yellow type of look. Mr P. had his lunch there every day this week as he was fixing up someone’s front garden nearby, so it was a bit of a busman’s holiday us going there on his day off. 

Nice home cooked food and relaxed atmosphere. Had a little walk round the new wild garden, a stone’s throw from the madness what is The Holloway Road. We sat and watched the pigeons, footballers and the police helicopter circling overhead.

….. hand in hand with the old man….It don’t get better than that really.

So my Video Clip for the Day is a pigeon walking, at normal speed through Whittington Park..truely

SONG OF THE DAY  Itchycoo Park -The Small Faces

The singer was  Steve Marriott. I wonder why they were called the Small Faces.

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