My ilfe is one big tupo -sorry typo

So the question was asked by wordpress and my answer was the most fiicult part of doing my wordpress was the editing it as i spend so much time correcting the typos…so toady I am correcting nothing so you can see how much work i ould normall yhave to do to make it legible and readable. I have alredy muttered about being bordeline byslexic but also typing in the ruight order just seems to be something i am really rubbush at. A TOday i had a fantasic walk round the loval park and wathc the local kisd come down from school and start to play foot ball, fisrt thing thay had to do was run round the pitch…someof them could not run ata ll , and were just so unfit, or perhaps too cool for running or may ben runing was just nothtier thing…i have to say I remember running be a real pain even when I was 11 as i think some people are built for running and some are just not…I CAN WALK ALOT AND WALKED ROUNF MY ,OVCAL PLAUING FIELD WHICH TOO K 650 steps , so if i was going to do myv 10.000 steps I would have to walk round it about it 15 times. oh no that sounds very birong , if I lok on the walkit website i …oh bother i have lost the will to type..

SONG OF THE DAY -drum roll please….the carpenters

IT is time! This is the first song I really remember feelingit was written about me…The Carpenetrs..I’d say good bye to love

I was only about 14 when i frist heard it on vynil but wqs a fairly maudling teenage, i dont think going to an all girls school helped as I was much better getting on with boys. So even now after all these years I know all the words…dont ask me or i will sing it all and the gutar solo as well which I think was by someone really famous at the time like one of the all ond brothers. The ahs at the end are just amazing!

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