Photo challenge of the Week-Light

on a train to surbiton

I took the photo on the left from a train. As you can see, there are several forms of light- the full moon, the light in the carriage, a distant street light.

swiss cottage

This second picture was taken in Swiss Cottage Underground station as I was particularly taken by the up-lights on either side of the escalators which are rather stylish. I also like the light  cast on the on the ceiling. Life is running forward at a pace, it always does at this time of the year and I cannot believe it is nearly a year since I wrote my first wordpress post. Wow!

So continue with my utter randomness wot is life my SONG OF THE DAY- Rickety -Tickety -Tin written by Tom Leherer sung by the fabulous Singing Plague Victims Singing Plague Victims WEBSITEWe used to sing this song as a family and it is well worth watching all the way through…wicked humour and a fantabuously funny performance!

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