Ode to the Goldfinch

Wow! There is a goldfinch nesting in our little London garden. It is so exciting.  Mr P says it is very rare  in a London garden, especially so near to the house. The thing is the goldfinch has made her nest in the middle of a clump of black bamboo which is about 15 foot tall, the nest is about 10 foot from the ground, so it really bends in the wind. Lots of photo opportunities coming up in the next few days….The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has a lovely website –  and today’s post is  in celebration of  the Goldfinch . RSPB -The Goldfinch

This week I have seen loads of goldfinches, outside the flat, here in good old London, town and boy are they singing at the moment and now I know why…we only spotted the nest this morning. There are sometimes the odd goldfinches around, but have definately seen more this week than for ages. I am probably a bit of a ‘twitcher’ on the quiet -though I spot them and Mr P usually identifies them….. so today, as a celebration of the beginning of British summer time my


THE GOLDFINCH – by the goldfinch

just click  to hear its beautiful song  Goldfinch

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