So there I am with some special 8 year olds today..trying to find out what they are into as far as singing is concerned…’I wanna sing my music not yours’ so what was their music, the music an 8 year old was calling theirs?

Of course it depends on the kids and whether they have older siblings, younger parents, background,  etc……’N Dubz’, they say, (a London hip hip group) …’I won’t be able to play it today’ I say ‘…need to check out if the language is ok for school and we might be able to sing it, but some of the words really are not really that good for children’…I explain. We sing  Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ as I  know the lyrics are fine  and a bit thoughtful.  I go home and listen to the first song they have on their list  and the words are , ‘girls I  f+++  with them’ mmm wonder what I can change that to. ha ha. The whole song is too grown up lyrically…’two little boys’ it ain’t. By no means anything like as bad as some of the baaad aaasss rapping we can be  exposed to, but I wonder if they know how many little kids listen to their music and if it would have any affect on their lyrical content….and I am talking about lots of bands not just Ndubz….just interested thats all.

Loads and loads of primary aged kids are listening to hip hop and rap, much of it is ‘good time rock n’roll’,  I mean, it was good enough for Rex Harrison, but some of it  is not lyrics I would want teenagers to spent too much time listening too let alone little kids. I wonder if these artists are aware how many 8-10 year olds are taking their music to their heart. I am not being preechy here…or maybe I am….ah well.

SONG OF THE DAY Michael Jackson -Will You Be There

I heard a choir of kids sing this yesterday and it just came alive! Kids love Michael Jackson songs . I have never ever met a kid and I have met  and taught thousands who did not love Michael Jackson and his  songs. He had a pure heart, and kids know that.

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