PET HATE! Apple Speakers Charading as Headphones

A gripe about Apple coming from someone who lives for her Mac –which would probably be the thing I would clutch as I ran from a burning building (apart from Mr P of course). But I have a PET HATE which is on my mind…again. Any time I am in a public space and I can hear someone else’s music blaring through the airways, I could bet you, almost, and I am clearly saying almost, every time, the owner of the ‘name that tune’ ‘ if I turn my music up loud enough I can pretend that all the people in this carriage are not here’- ‘but we are here and boy do we know that you are there!’ is wearing cheap, or should I SAY FREE nasty, Apple headphones-which are in fact SPEAKERS charading as headphones. I  am about ready to get up in a crowded carriage on the tube and start doing a middle aged  pole dance in my chorderoys – which today I cannot spell correctly- and sensible shoes to the beat of the  next person listening to their death metal or dub step through SMALL APPLE SPEAKERS.  THEY BLEED. AND THEY BLEED BAD. I can usually hear them over my good  Shure headphones that don’t bleed at all as they were designed to be headphones, not speakers.

They should have  a warning on the pack when you get them free with your shiny new iphone or ipod  ‘YOU GOT THESE HEADPHONES FREE BUT THEY BLEED  BAD AND IF YOU LISTEN TO MUSIC IN PUBLIC PLACES AT A HIGH VOLUME YOU ARE GOING TO P***S EVERY ONE OFF IN A 25 FOOT VICINITY. And you can get a lot of people in a  25 foot vicinity in a train, bus or tube. I have done a lot of tapping feet and drummer impersonations,’parradiddle parradiddle’ staring straight at the offending ‘music-lover’ -possibly they don’t even realise I am kicking to the beat of their music, but funnily people who are listening to music at a decibel that will mean they will be deaf in 10 years anyway seem to have very little going on between their ears…ha ha ha ha! I find it amazing that they don’t realise. Every one is looking at them with the death stare.  I could go on and on but my life is ticking away in front of my very eyes- so lets dance!

So a good dance track to cheer us up on a very grey Wednesday. mmmm.

SONG OF THE DAY Booty Luv did a nice little cover of this song…but tributes to Luther Vandross , may he rest in peace…what a voice and feel.  The song  uses the main riff from Chic ‘My Forbidden Lover’ SHINE -nice sentiment too on such a grey day. It is your time to shine!


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