Sex in the Morning!

Well maybe I got your attention!  Sorry no sex here though -it’s all about shoes today – and very sensible shoes too.  An insight into my in soles. Today I am going to start a formal introduction with you and all the shoes I have lurking  in my corridor. Yes all 29 of them. 2 pairs of shoes a day. Their  individual stories which must be told.

So in no particular order…..


One Weekend last summer I spent a weekend, from friday night to about 4pm on Sunday  working solidly. Locked in the office.  At about 4pm on Sunday, I think I  had managed to achieve all I needed to  do, or I was in  the process of going mad so Mr P took me down to Holloway, our local metropolis. I really needed a bit of nurture, a bit of a treat, so we had a cake and coffee in the Croissant D’or and ambled to The Clarks Factory shop on Seven Sisters Road. Deep Joy! There they were as if planted by a higher force. Silver Desert boots in my size reduced to £10! It was as if a higher force had seen fit to place what I can only consider as being the perfect gift for all my hard work. Now to the sad part of this tale. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with crepe soles, which were obviously not invented for a temperate climate. If if you weare crepe soles on wet concrete, you might as well be wearing roller skates, for all the grip they give to the surface you are balanced on. Absolutely rubbish. So even though I have weakened and have a couple of pairs of shoes with crepe soles  -they can only safely be worn on a day when there is no chance of rain.

Also my Silver desert boots have that funny shoe issue as in they need to be worn in , they come up to my ankles and as I have Cankles ( my calve go straight into my feet with no sign of a delicate  indentation) I have to especially wear in boots, they are still a bit forlorn and have not been used to their full silvery potential.


I bought these in the Ecco store in Cheshire Oaks about 3 years ago -a retail outlet store near the in-laws when I needed a REALLY REALLY  sensible pair of shoes. They are men’s and a size too big for me ( one of my little downfalls in life is buying clothes and shoes that are too big for me…I can get them on so they must fit). They sat at the back of the cupboard for sometime until I realized that you  need Gore-Tex shoes in the country if you don’t want to get wet feet. Early morning wet grass and ordinary leather shoes -however sturdy -well they  just won’t do. So extra insoles and thick socks have meant that every time I leave London on the train for the Hills and Valleys -not often enough- these are the babies on my feet. They have tramped around Shropshire ways, Essex coastlines, North Yorkshire highways, Somerset lanes and  other by-ways in wind, snow, much mud and rain and I have never got wet feet. Not very feminine or funky  and when travelling light  – can be the only shoes I take, so have used them for dancing and social engagements too! Carey Bradshaw would turn in her grave. So I shout out loud. I need an all weather shoe that I can dance in too!!!! I wear them so much I think they need a name. Doris, or Henry…a well loved shoe that show no signs of falling to bits what so ever.


I am a huge fan of Michael McDonalds voice, even thoug he has a pension for sounding a little strangled…I adore his voice and loads of his tunes are up there in my top desert island compilation.This one always cheers me up. HAVE A GOOD DAY X


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