The Mice are Taking Over the Assylum

yup…they now have found a way in to the food cupboard  and are knawing everything in sight. Got up this morning to find a large hole in one of the avocados in the fruit bowl on top of the piano with a large pile of mouse droppings next to it…

so our theory is that Mr Mouse spent rather a long time with its head in an avocado…one end in…the other end out! I have just read that roof rats are particularly partial to an avocado so am feeling a little grim right now.

Our flat is part of a rikkety victorian conversions with holes everywhere! last night at about 5.30 woke up to the sound of  knawing in the bedrooom. Mr P threw a magazine at the waste paper bin and the noise stops…bit disconcerting as our flat is full of potential nesting places…Bags of wool, the floor of the wardrobe is randomly staked full of  clothes that have no-where else to go!

The sight of mice turns me into the biggest shreeking girl! I went to the kitchen in the night and shreeked three times and nearly gave poor Mr P a nart attack!

I would always have had a dog over a cat, but we never had mice until the ladies on either side of our flat moved on with their cats…..I am close to it. here kitty kitty. No don’t just look at it…give it the fright of it’s life…pleeeeze.


Not the scenario I ever want but sprung to mind as  a link to my predicament!

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