Concrete v. Countryside

So one moment,  walking around London, making my way from here to there and back again, surrounded by eight million other bodies, pushing and pulling and generally getting on just fine, usually accepting each others amazing differences and eccentricities, everyone watching their backs.. maybe just a little, or  maybe quite alot..

it is a miracle we all  usually get on so well, seeing as we are so all bunched together, in each others faces…literally. The city’s transport treats us as equals – it is oblivious to our stature, beliefs, creed, culture, similarities or diversities. When you are on the tube, or the buses, we are all the same, first one in gets the seat. I often feel like I have been starved  of space in so many areas of my life, especially when I get out of the City and suddenly feel, smell, hear and see it all. I  sometimes wonder how I have lived in a City for all of my adult life. Its all about roots, that seem to embed themselves just where you are, even if the soil is not quite suitable -so be careful if you stay still too long..uprooting can be perilous.

Then, as if by magic I am transported by a train to another world, where I walk to the sound of birds singing. So, surrounded by nature  with a bunch of glorious teenagers who are learning my acapella arrangements so fast, I can just about keep up! At lunch time, I race up the hill from the place we are staying to see the world. It is an amazing day. Blue sky, crisp, incredible light. Just for a day and then back to the concrete and the underground. I need to escape more.


Mercy Street -Peter Gabriel -Live in Milan

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