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Good day.  Trying to spread the word these days is quite a bumpy ride. You can completely inundate, or people just don’t receive news – even with  bombardment or algorithms.

Even though I posted the video yesterday. I wanted you to hear how beautiful the choirs sounded without any of the video and to encourage you – my lovely blogees to share this song with all and all and then some..

It is available on as audio practise file and sheet music at the most reasonable cost.

I cannot thank the singers enough, and know they would be happy for their voices to be taking this message around the world. Here are some quotes from them about how singing this particular song made them feel. ( Gratitude Again)


‘Music often lifts the soul but this song is special. There’s a feeling as you sing it, an awareness of those around you, singing as one, minds and voices in a musical prayer for the sanity of the world’

 ‘The power we all have individually, and how that is magnified when we are many. Whether it is voices or ideas or revolution. Singing this song gives me goose bumps, makes me feel hopeful, positive and filled with light. Truly burning bright. No matter how dark the days might feel’

‘It is easy to get disheartened and feel we are making no difference when we are campaigning/protesting. The song made me feel that we do count, that we are keeping that flame (however fragile) alight in the world.’

‘Singing this song reminded me that we all have a role to play in the guardianship of the world we occupy and of the neighbours we share it with. That ‘enlightenment’ has the power to dispel demons however they may appear.’

‘A song of quiet strengthening: working at both an individual and, of course, a group level. Refreshingly different to the ‘usual’ community choir fare. ‘

I’ve been singing in Gitika’s choir for many years and this is one of my favourite songs. I have young onset Parkinson’s which brings many daily challenges. I find singing at choir very therapeutic and it helps me in so many ways. It’s been particularly apt for me to have sung this beautiful, uplifting song this term as I have been struggling with my Parkinson’s as it progresses. Singing with my lovely choir led by Gitika has been one of my candles, helping me to keep faith through some dark moments. Thank you Gitika!



The new book is out by myself and the fantabulous Alison Burns.  The book is mostly acapella songs, but there are chord symbols and several optional piano accompaniments too. One of the wonderful features of the book is the audio. When you buy the book you get a cd with 156 tracks of every individual part. Also you can audition all the songs as FULL PERFORMANCES of them sung by myself, Sheena Masson, Nickomo and Andrew McCrorie-Shand

Here is a full performance version of Time after Time it is gorgeous!IMG_5749

Stop Press…. I am running 2 more  courses for Sound Connections on how to run a community choir….1st May and 19th June…pass it on to anyone you know who might be tempted to dust off  or learn some new skills

Course Title: Leading a Choir –  Tuesday 1st May or Tuesday 19th June

Training Leader: Gitika Partington

Description: This course will look at core skills involved in leading and directing choirs. It is intended for anyone who leads any form of community singing, whether it be in primary and secondary schools, youth, adult and cross-generational singing groups and choirs. The day will explore physical and vocal warm up activities, developing skills in directing and conducting and tips on effective song teaching without the use of written music.

Audience: All teachers and vocal leaders

Venue: ISTD2 Dance Studios, 346 Old Street, London EC1V 9NQ

Cost: £75 + booking fee to include refreshments and lunch

blue skyAnother peculiar thing about blogging and having a few years under your belt, is the strangeness of people you may have known a long time ago bumping into your blog the day you are telling a story about the awful flatulence you are experiencing at the moment or a picture of yourself in a face mask. It is a bit like they might be  arriving at a party just after the last bottle of wine has been finished and every one has done with the life stories and can tell stupid jokes as the blogging, certainly daily  is a bit like a ‘happening’ and if someone discovers you after a long absence they are not going to scroll through every post especially when you have nearly 350 posts, nor would you ever imagine they would. I wonder what they must think! Funny, but now I am of an age when I do not really care,  she thanks the Lord!  I have mixed emotions about people who contact me out of the blue after  decades. Sometimes it is so lovely as it  can be easy to lost touch with someone you had a great connection with, sometimes it makes really no sense at all, and sometimes it dredges up old emotions  you would really rather not have.  I am definitely one for a bit of fate and serendi p.diddy and all that hippy stuff   ( please don’t tell)…so I will continue to be open and embrace the long lost. My mate CL says that friendships are for a reason or a season, and that when they don’t last it’s ok, as they may have been really amazing for that short time and something great came out of them …oh god I am whittering….stop me someone!

It is a gorgeous blue day today. Popped over to the  local(!) Royal Mail this morning, (40 minute round trip by foot) everyone’s worst nightmare, the red card through the letterbox, they even had it on my favourite comedy show Mongrels -BBC 3…check it out ….  I had to pick up something really boring that was too big to get through the letter box. I  noticed that the marvellous Christmas garden of lights nearby is up! I shall go and take photos when it is dark.

So back to work. I am trying to engrave ( which basically mean to make tidy and legible )  a bunch of my  a capella folk arrangements for a book. Wasting hours deciding on a good font and the cover mostly. I am trying to do it all myself as I have lost faith in music publishers…anyone out there want to restore my faith? Silence….. Very time consuming, especially as my middle name is ‘messy’.

SONG OF THE DAY – Ed Sheeran  -You need me I dont need you

Best Video I have seen for ages…Ed is the red head (it’s in black and white ha ha ha) on the