I haven’t seen you for ages……….

blue skyAnother peculiar thing about blogging and having a few years under your belt, is the strangeness of people you may have known a long time ago bumping into your blog the day you are telling a story about the awful flatulence you are experiencing at the moment or a picture of yourself in a face mask. It is a bit like they might be  arriving at a party just after the last bottle of wine has been finished and every one has done with the life stories and can tell stupid jokes as the blogging, certainly daily  is a bit like a ‘happening’ and if someone discovers you after a long absence they are not going to scroll through every post especially when you have nearly 350 posts, nor would you ever imagine they would. I wonder what they must think! Funny, but now I am of an age when I do not really care,  she thanks the Lord!  I have mixed emotions about people who contact me out of the blue after  decades. Sometimes it is so lovely as it  can be easy to lost touch with someone you had a great connection with, sometimes it makes really no sense at all, and sometimes it dredges up old emotions  you would really rather not have.  I am definitely one for a bit of fate and serendi p.diddy and all that hippy stuff   ( please don’t tell)…so I will continue to be open and embrace the long lost. My mate CL says that friendships are for a reason or a season, and that when they don’t last it’s ok, as they may have been really amazing for that short time and something great came out of them …oh god I am whittering….stop me someone!

It is a gorgeous blue day today. Popped over to the  local(!) Royal Mail this morning, (40 minute round trip by foot) everyone’s worst nightmare, the red card through the letterbox, they even had it on my favourite comedy show Mongrels -BBC 3…check it out ….  I had to pick up something really boring that was too big to get through the letter box. I  noticed that the marvellous Christmas garden of lights nearby is up! I shall go and take photos when it is dark.

So back to work. I am trying to engrave ( which basically mean to make tidy and legible )  a bunch of my  a capella folk arrangements for a book. Wasting hours deciding on a good font and the cover mostly. I am trying to do it all myself as I have lost faith in music publishers…anyone out there want to restore my faith? Silence….. Very time consuming, especially as my middle name is ‘messy’.

SONG OF THE DAY – Ed Sheeran  -You need me I dont need you

Best Video I have seen for ages…Ed is the red head (it’s in black and white ha ha ha) on the

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